About us

  • Welcome to our family.

    When you buy a pair of Sneaky Steve's, you buy into our idea that great footwear comes from the hearts, souls and dirty hands of people with passion. Like us, you believe that no computer software or automated production line can replace the human body, brain and spirit. And because of that, you walk tall in your Sneaky Steve's, knowing that you're wearing something truly authentic and well-crafted in a world of mass-produced disposables.
  • Gothenburg, the city where Sneaky Steve was born, has always played an important part in our story. Known for its industrial heritage, rainy winters and heavy salty winds, Gothenburg has been our never-ending source of inspiration. So, has the working-class heroes who’ve kept this city going through the years. But Gothenburg is much more than gloomy skies and cold wet concrete. It’s a city where underground cultures thrive, where the music scene is always alive and where legions of fashion designers have started on their journey to international success.

    So, if you’ve never visited the city in our hearts, you should put it on your list. And be sure to drop by one of our stores, and we’ll welcome you in true Gothenburg fashion, with open arms and smiling faces.
  • At Sneaky Steve, we take great pride in our knowledge of leather and in using producers with the same passion for craftsmanship as us. That’s why we make our shoes and boots in Portugal, where they have a long and rich tradition of shoemaking and leather tanning.

    Our producers and tanneries have honed their handicraft over generations and are always truly dedicated in their efforts to offer the best leather products possible. To get the best raw material possible, we use leather from cows bred in the northern parts of Portugal, where the climate is cold. The colder climate ensures a compact fibre structure and minimises insect bites which could undermine the quality of the leather.

    All leather used in our tanneries are products of the meat production. That means that no cow lost its life for the use of its hide.