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Sustainability is something we highly value at Sneaky Steve, and we take pride in our production chain, commitment to local materials, and short transportation distances. Everything originates from our production in Felgueiras, Portugal.


The choice to manufacture our shoes in Portugal is not only a promise of high quality but also one of the most important aspects of our pursuit of sustainable production. Portugal has a long and rich tradition of shoemaking that is now combined with modern technology and a focus on sustainability. Today, our factories use UV purification, have their own recycling stations, minimize waste, and reuse materials to the greatest extent possible. Almost all of our energy now comes from solar power through our own solar panels. These factors are a significant part of why we chose Portugal as the location for our shoe production.


Felgueiras is the city in Portugal where all our shoe production takes place. Here, all the components used in production are available within a radius of 10 km. Leather, suede, soles, laces, eyelets, and even our shoeboxes are produced here. These unique conditions enable us to have a local, sustainable production with minimal environmental impact.


We are proud of the factories that produce our shoes, and we have managed to build close and long-lasting relationships with them. The factories we work with are small-scale and family-owned, and the material suppliers we collaborate with all adhere to the recommendations of the Reach Regulation and The Leather Working Group.


A production entirely based in Portugal is also a fantastic way for us to make the journey from production to market shorter. This way, we keep our environmental impact, especially in terms of transportation, as low as possible. The shipping company we use is a member of CSR West Sweden, a network for long-term sustainability.


Thanks to the relative proximity that European-based production offers, we can often make regular visits to both the factories and tanneries 3-4 times a year. This means that we have full insight into the process, working conditions, and material choices. The safety and well-being of all employees are of great importance to us, so we are committed to finding factories run by people who share our values.


At Sneaky Steve, we are passionate about shoes and working with producers who are equally dedicated to the craft as we are. Sneaky Steve's design places a strong emphasis on details and finish. Creating shoes at the level of quality we strive for is not possible without a trained eye and skill. There are many aspects that a machine simply cannot perform well enough and require skilled craftsmen to do by hand. Therefore, Portugal is perfect for the purpose; here, there is an immense professional pride that is incredibly important for a great end product.

Ultimately, the end product is the result of all the hard work and it must withstand the test of time. One of the most important environmental choices we can all make is to buy products with the intention of using them for a long time. That's what quality means to us.

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